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Ace Vinyl Products has also made custom tarps for the concrete manufacturing industry to keep prefabricated concrete dry, as well as fabricated tarps for golf courses across Long Island to protect sand bunkers from rain.

Custom tarps are available in different colors and a variety of weight fabric ranging from 13 oz up to 26 oz. They can be trimmed to match any size or shape and reinforced with webbing for added strength. Discover durability and versatility with our premium tarps. As a leading manufacturer of tarps, we offer a wide range of high-quality tarps designed for various applications.


Crash Pads and motorcycle slings are special protective devices developed and manufactured exclusively by Ace Vinyl Products.​Crash Pads are used to safely push stalled vehicles out of harms way in congested areas such as bridges and tunnels without causing damage to vehicle fenders. They are 4” thick, cover a surface area of 48” x 18” and are filled with a very firm type of foam with sturdy webbing straps. Other sizes and heavy gauge 26 oz engineered vinyl are available as well. Motorcycle slings serve a similar purpose. They are made of 15’ rope segments with 2 spliced loops at both end and are designed to safely lift stalled motorcycles.

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