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Ace Vinyl Products specializes in manufacture of awnings for both commercial & residential use that are custom made to fit your specific requirements.

Although awnings can be made from vinyl, Ace Vinyl Products, generally uses Sunbrella, a tough durable fabric that is standard in the industry and can withstand extreme weather conditions, such as direct exposure to sunlight, wind and rain.

What sets awnings made from Sunbrella fabric apart from traditional vinyl-based awnings is the amazing range of styles, colors, shades and patterns it offers. Discover premium quality, stylish awnings that combine durability with aesthetics.

Sunbrella is fade proof & stain resistant.

Awnings can be fitted with webbing of different weights, grommets or other types of fixtures. As required by law, Ace Vinyl Products uses fire resistant material for all awnings that are intended for commercial use. In addition to custom awnings, Ace Vinyl Products can also fabricate custom frames from a range of material to suit your budget, including frames made from anodized aluminum or galvanized steel. Elevate your outdoor spaces with Ace Vinyl Products, your trusted awnings manufacturer in New York.

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