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Ace Vinyl Products manufactures various types of Protective Covers, Awnings, Shade Sails, Enclosure Panels, Carnival Accessories, Tarps, Crash Pads, Custom Vinyl Products and more! We are a leading tent manufacturing and sales company based out of New York. Ace Canvas & Tent has over 6 decades of experience manufacturing products made from a range of flexible plastic materials including vinyl, Sunbrella, and polypropylene. However, over time we specialized in manufacturing custom tent-tops and eventually morphed into a full-service tent and event company operating from Ronkonkoma in Long Island, NY.

We have rapidly expanded and diversified our operations Since 2005. Today, we are not just a leader in the tent manufacturing industry, but we are also a specialist in several types of temporary and semi-permanent structures including complex enclosures, inflatable architecture as well as steel & and fabric buildings such as industrial warehouses, hangars, and sports centers.

Over the years, Ace Vinyl Products & Ace Canvas & Tent have successfully completed many technically challenging projects. Ace Vinyl Products and Ace Canvas & Tent are one of the few New York based manufacturing companies with the craftsmanship and expertise required to handle any type of complex project. So whether you are looking for a simple awning or custom vinyl products, feel free to contact us and let our trained professionals help you choose the option that best suits your needs and budget!

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